Dragon Over Washington (The Third War Of The Bir Nibaru Gods, Book 1)

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There was also a lot of mystery about the witch that was never explained. Along with witches I also try to avoid books that have demons as characters. I also had a hard time differentiating between the demon and dragon characters, the descriptions were not good enough that I could visualize either entity. It's also possible that the demons and dragons are one and the same - I really couldn't tell.

However, now that I've written my review, I will be deleting it from my Kindle library. Because of my personal preference complaints, I would not recommend this book to anyone. Mar 31, Travis rated it liked it. It just assumes you are along for the ride and goes places that stretch the imagination. I enjoy fictional universes like this and told in this way - there seems to be so much depth and the reader finds out only in passing. But even though the main thrust of the story is well-run ground, the characters and the realm more than compensate.

I look forward to the sequel. Feb 04, Linda Crook rated it did not like it. This is badly written, apparently unedited, and self-contradictory. The character development is cliche to non-existent the main character's a maverick computer genius! With toys on his desk! This is a genre I like, and I thought perhaps the bad reviews were too harsh.

They're not. Save your time. Sep 04, Judy rated it did not like it. Couldn't get through this I gave up about a third of the way through. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Bruno Flexer. Bruno Flexer. It all started twelve years ago when I was in Spain with a friend, traveling across the country. We hiked in Pico De Europa, a beautiful mountain range. So, there I was, climbing the mountains, a river gurgling beneath me, the mountains all around me and gray clouds blocking the sky above. And then I saw it.

A wing tip appeared first, than the great belly, the long neck and the gargantuan jaws. A h It all started twelve years ago when I was in Spain with a friend, traveling across the country. A huge dragon flew above us, its clawed feet almost touching the mountain sides, filling the air with the fire burning in its lungs.

God’s war on terror… the 200 million man army

It disappeared a few seconds later but the sight was incredible. No, I did not went mad. The dragon flew only inside my mind but the image was so strong and the mountains were so wild that the dragon's flight was burnt into my soul forever. I had to write it down. I knew I had to write about dragons. There was no other choice for me. But I was and hope I still am quite a normal and rational person. I have a computer science degree, had a good job and led quite ordinary life. So I resisted the impulse to write.

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Nobody will read it. I will be wasting my time. I can't write anyway.

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I'm not an author, I don't have the right mindset for it. It would never work. I managed to resist for a few days till we went to Parc Guell in Barcelona. There I gave in, bought my first notebook and started writing, right there and then. Thus was born Dragon Over Washington, my first full length novel.

Later on I wrote a few short stories and then Mechanical, my best I think so And just a short update - I am now working on the sequel to Mechanical, tentatively called: Hunter Killer. Books by Bruno Flexer. Trivia About Dragon Over Washi No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. December 2, Jane Roberts of Saratoga Springs, New York reports her mediumship of the entity "Seth", sparking national attention, December 23, Mystical Helmut Ewald Schreiber is killed mysteriously assassinated outside of Munich, West Germany, fueling conspiracy theories regarding the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, January 17, Failed attempted assassination of witch Rosaleen Norton occurs in Sydney, Australia, January 29, Transformed leader Wendell Apprecorn announces their candidacy for the U.

Presidency as a third-party ticket in Reno, Nevada, January February 5, The Winter Olympics are held in Lahti, Finland, under tight security, and the political and military tensions of the Cold War very mich present, March 8, Mary Rose written and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Tippi Hendren, is noted as Alfred Hitchcock's first attempted foray into the science fiction genre, making its hit debut, April 28, Ahn Sahng-hong of Busan, comes to power proclaiming "divine power from the Christian god" in Seoul, Korea, May 1, President Lyndon B.

Johnson meets with the ghost of Andrew Jackson in the White House West Wing, sparking controversy over the deceased president's racist views, in Washington D.

Battle of the Anunnaki/Pleiadian Gods by Andrew Sinclair - (AUDIOBOOK)

May 21, Badge of Darkness starring Janet Leigh and Charlton Heston, written and directed by Orson Welles, discusses Transformed issues in a frank and harsh fashion, becoming a hit film, May 25, Italian governhment in Rome under Prime Minister Antonio Segni collapses due to a right-wing military coup detat , triggering civil untrst and violence, June 14, U. June 15, Hey Teacher!! June 24, Transformed leader Ophidius Monroe is arrested for "disturbing the peace" after holding a rally in Chicago, Illinois, July 8, The crew of a vessel owned by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis are drowned by siren.

Many of them jumped overboard after hearing the alluring sounds of the siren, sparking international fears. July 17, After months of protests, civil unrest and violence, protesters proclaim leftist Aldo Moro as the new Prime Minister in Rome, August 6, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco is assassinated by Stuart Christie in Madrid, Spain, causing a major succession crisis, threatening civil unrest and violence along with possible civil war, October 16, Chinese Premier Mao Tse-tung announces the detonation of its own nuclear weapon in Lop Nur, Xinjiang, People's Republic of China, sparking international attention and concern, November 13, The first "Kumite" combat fighting match is held in Ryukyu, Japan, triggering attention amongst Asian officials worldwide, November 21, Pope Paul VI announces that magic-practitioners and neo-pagans should be actively brought into the Roman Catholic Church, during mass in Rome, November 21, Saturday Laughter musical written and produced by Billy Strahan makes its hit Broadway debut, December 13, Indonesian dictator Sukarno proclaims the withdrawal of Indonesia from the United Nations, in a televised address in Jakarta, fueling tensions across the Pacific Rim, Johnson for nuclear apons against China, sparking tensions across the Pacific Rim, Johnson assigns Secret Service agents to deal with the sudden death threats made, April , Soma is introduced at an international conference in San Jose, California, fueling concern about the effect of the Transformed on the drug scene, May 21, The second "Kumite" combat fighting match is held in London, England, amidst political outrage and moral-handwringing over the matches, June 16, Sirens land at Cape Cod, and lure 19 men to their deaths.

June 29, The band, the Charlatans, debuts at the Red Dog Saloon, introducing the world to "potion rock", music performed under the influence of magical potions in Virginia City, Nevada, July 9, The Likes of Us musical written and produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, makes its hit debut in London, England, sparking international attention, September 30, PKI military forces launch a failed coup attempt aimed at overthrwing Sukarno from power in Jakarta, triggering a violent crackdown by Sukarno, October 16, Free Families Tribe potions dance occurs in San Francisco, California, sparking international attention as part of the youth culture movement, October 27, The Disappearance directed by George Pal, based on the science-fiction novel by Philip Wylie, makes its hit debut, detailing a interdimensional rift separating genders, December 7, Pope Paul VI announces an encyclical recognizing the need for religious liberty and tolerance in a mass at St.

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Peter's Cathedral, February 4, Soviet scientists led by Dr. Alexander Abramov report the discovery of extraterrestrial artifacts at the Sea of Tranquility on the lunar surface, March 19, Neopagan "Fu Manchu" launches a brutal attack on the Peron government in Buenos Aires, Argentina, causing the government collapse, April 5, Qingming Offensive; Chinese officials in Beijing report a nationwide wave of spectral incursions, threatening to overwhelm the Chinese Communist government, Large numbers of mutinies occur in both armies, due to Orcs and Goblins being considered cannon fodder.

June 6, Marie-Louise von Franz and Unica Zurn launch a demonic invocation in Paris, France, triggering an anti-neopagan backlash, June 6, Indonesian dictator Sukarno kills Defense Minister Nasution, after fearing a political coup in Jakarta, triggering fear within the government, July 29, Singer Bob Dylan dies from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident Bearsville, New York, shocking the music industry, August 10, Indonesian officials led Sukarno, call for the evacuation of Gunung Timur, after reports of a spectral eruption affecting Medan and Sumatra,..

August 18, Colonel Willy Sudjono launches a failed assassination attempt againt dictator Sukarno at Madiun, West Java, Indonesia, fueling anti-socialist sentiment nationwide, August 30, Zhongyuan Offensive; Chinese officials in Beijing report a nationwide wave of spectral incursions, threatening to overwhelm the Chinese Communist government, August 30, General Chiang Kai-shek proclaims martial law in Taipei, Taiwan after spectral activity overwhelms Kuomintang forces, sparking fear across the Pacific Rim, The show detailed the 5 year voyage of the USS Enterprise as they explored strange new worlds.

The show was also notable for it's social commentary about issues related to the Transformed,war,and religion. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. September 27, Neopagan Michel Carrougcs proclaims his "inexplicable vision of the future" in a rally in Paris, France, November 2, Israeli officials led by Taysir Nashik detonate a nuclear weapon underground in the Negev desert with a zero-yield capacity, in an effort to prevent the creation of a "Hellstorm".

While it is successful, it causes the region to be contaminated by "Mana" energy, a signature of nuclear weapons November 15, Residents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia report the arrival of "Mothman", and his apparent psychic messages, November 20, American scientists led by Ivan T. Sanderson confirm the presence of extraterrestrial artifacts on the lunar surface at the Sea of Tranquility,.. December 14, Medical officials report a massive outbreak of "Koro" in Singapore, triggering calls for a quarantine by government officials, February 21, President Lyndon B.

flying serpents and dragons

Johnson and Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek call for greater economic and political ties across the Western Hemisphere, March 6, year old scientist Roger W. Babson disappears from Lake Wales, Florida, under mysterious circumstances, April 14, Gnassingbe Eyadema overthrows the government in Lome, Togo with massive displays of supernatural force and power, May 9, Riots and demonstrations occur in Natividade, Brazil, after the apparition of the Virgin Mary, overthrowing the military regime in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June Golems see their first use in battle during the Six-Day War.

Their speed and power plays a role in Israel's victory. June 19, The War on Children book by Frederic Wertham, claims a "Transformed agenda" which constitutes a "war on children", using questionable data and conclusions, becomes popular with social conservatives July , Japanese forces report attacks by demons in Enryakuji, on Mount Hiei northeast of the center of Kyoto, and Kaneiji, triggering calls for military intervention, July , Nain Rouge; Demonic beings are rumored to have triggered race riots in Detroit, Michigan, sparking calls for the National Guard, August 27, Zhongyuan Offensive; Chinese officials in Beijing report a nationwide wave of spectral incursions, threatening to overwhelm the Chinese Communist government, September 6, Hard Contact features aliens stranded on Earth, but serving as protectors, September 6, Al-Hazard features creatures of Middle Eastern legend protecting orphaned American brother and sister, October , Mao Tse-tung launches an armed insurrection against Tibet, citing the humanitarian crisis created by spectral activity and violence nationwide, October 10, Medical officials report a massive outbreak of "Koro" in Beijing, triggering calls for a quarantine by government officials, October 19, Prime Minister Harold Wilson recruits John Michell, leader of the "New Aeon" movement as chief advisor to tje government on supernatural affairs.

The press dubs Michell as the "New Merlin", October 21, Siege of the Pentagon ; Anti-war groups, neopagans, and "Transformed" groups surround the Pentagon woth , people led by Abbie Hoffman, raise the building and its employees 6 feet in mid-air, triggering national attention, November 18, "Smile" album by the Beach Boys makes its hit musical debut in Los Angeles, California, showing the psychedelic nature of the band, December 3, Dr.

Christiaan Barnaard, using ritual magic previously outlawed throughout the Republic of South Africa, performs the first successful heart transplant on Louis Washkansky, sparking renewed interest in ritual magic by the medical community. February 16, Indonesian dictator Sukarno personally claims responsibility for the massacre of PKI Communist leaders, fueling political tensions with the People's Republic of China, March 4, Tim Zell a.

Dygalo attempts to trigger a nuclear incident between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, by attempting to launch a nuclear attack against U. March 24, Tensions mount as Soviet officials announce their refusal to cede any part of the Kuril Islands to Japan, fueling military tensions in the region, March 29, Great Yokai War; U.