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The F is designed with a battle, a real dogfight, in mind. The F, with its fused sensors and tactical stealth capabilities, intends to seek, locate and strike its opponents long before the enemy ever even sees the F Air Force Gen. Technically speaking, the F has a lower thrust to weight ratio — 1. Additionally, its close range weaponry is underwhelming compared to the Fighting Falcon.

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However, the U. Air Force believes that the age of the dogfight is over. Battles will be fought with the long-range, advanced technology inside of the F Lightning II, not the close-range weaponry of the F Fighting Falcon.

$ billion sale to Bulgaria of 8 F fighter jets approved by US

However, the overarching specs of the F engines are similar. The F is inches long with a maximum diameter of 46 inches and a bypass ratio of 0.

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It contains advanced health monitoring, network logistics support designed to reduce sustainment costs. Air Force history — in its class. It shares commonality with 81 percent of parts from the FGE, the engine used in most original Fs. The FGE is All these specs add up to a F speed of 1, miles per hour — roughly miles per hour faster than the F Unlike other fighters, which had characteristics of specific jobs, such as F Starfighter that was too expensive, and others made for specific operations on aircraft carriers like the F Tomcat.

Although the official name of the popular F is " Fighting Falcon "Is also referred to as" Viper ," which was the code name at General Dynamics for the project during the design phase.

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The F is small and nimble, with the pilot sitting above the fuselage. This offers the pilot excellent visibility, crucial when dogfighting. To this end, the F has a M61 Vulcan and can be equipped with air-to-air missiles.

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However, the F was also designed for air-to-ground combat to support to ground forces, if necessary. To this end, the F can be equipped with a wide range of missiles or bombs. The F comes from a series of U. Department of Defense specifications, developed in The F was the chosen prototype, showing superior performance to the assessment committee; The U.

The U. Air Force. Requests for proposals were then sought for new or used Fs, new or used Eurofighter Typhoons, second-hand Rafale fighters and new or used Gripens from Sweden. The re-run process proved controversial, not least because of the difference in price to that spending approved, but it led to the cabinet recommending the purchase of Fs on January 9, and parliamentary approval to begin negotiations was given on January Other systems and services include a flight and maintenance simulator, communications equipment, facilities and construction support, spares parts, training and U.

Government and contractor technical, engineering and logistical support services. It features an active radar with new avionics and software that takes advantage of new technologies. The F Viper variant includes an active electronically scanned array radar, a new mission computer and electronic warfare suite, automated ground collision avoidance system, and various cockpit improvements.

In March, the U.