Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers

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Some conclusions on the solutions of Navier—Stokes equations 26 Chapter 2. Global Theorems of Fluid Mechanics 29 2. Euler equations in an intrinsic coordinate system 30 2. Pressure variation in a direction normal to a streamline 33 2.

Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineering

Momentum theorem 36 2. Evaluating friction for a steady-state flow in a straight pipe 38 2. Pressure drop in a sudden expansion Borda calculation 40 2. Using the momentum theorem in the presence of gravity 43 2. Kinetic energy balance and dissipation 43 2. Application exercises 47 Exercise 2. I: Force exerted on a bend 47 Exercise 2. II: Emptying a tank 48 Exercise 2. III: Pressure drop in a sudden expansion and heating 48 Exercise 2.

IV: Streaming flow on an inclined plane 49 Exercise 2. V: Impact of a jet on a sloping plate 50 Exercise 2.

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VI: Operation of a hydro-ejector 51 Exercise 2. VII: Bypass flow 53 Chapter 3. Dimensional Analysis 55 3. Principle of dimensional analysis, Vaschy—Buckingham theorem 56 3. Dimensional study of Navier—Stokes equations 61 3.

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  8. Similarity theory 63 3. An application example: fall velocity of a spherical particle in a viscous fluid at rest 65 3. Application exercises 69 Exercise 3. I: Time of residence and chemical reaction in a stirred reactor 69 Exercise 3. II: Boundary layer on an oscillating plate 69 Exercise 3. III: Head capacity curve of a centrifugal pump 70 Chapter 4.

    Non-Newtonian Fluids, part 1 - Lecture 1.5 - Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics

    Steady-State Hydraulic Circuits 73 4. Operating point of a hydraulic circuit 73 4. Steady-state flows in straight pipes: regular head loss 78 4.

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    Turbulence in a pipe and velocity profile of the flow 81 4. Singular head losses 83 4. Notions on cavitation 87 4. Application exercises 88 Exercise 4. I: Regular head loss measurement and flow rate in a pipe 88 Exercise 4. II: Head loss and cavitation in a hydraulic circuit 89 Exercise 4. III: Ventilation of a road tunnel 91 Exercise 4. IV: Sizing a network of heating pipes 92 Exercise 4.

    V: Head, flow rate, and output of a hydroelectric power plant 93 4. Bibliography 93 Chapter 5.

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    Pumps 95 5. Centrifugal pumps 96 5. Classification of turbo pumps and axial pumps 5. Positive displacement pumps Chapter 6. Sound propagation in a rigid pipe 6.

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    Over-pressures associated with a water hammer: characteristic time of a hydraulic circuit 6. Linear elasticity of a solid body: sound propagation in an elastic pipe 6. Water hammer prevention devices Exercise Chapter 7. Notions of Rheometry 7.

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    Rheology 7. Strain, strain rate, solids and fluids 7. A rheology experiment: behavior of a material subjected to shear 7. The circular cylindrical rheometer or Couette rheometer 7. Application exercises Exercise 7. I: Rheometry and flow of a Bingham fluid in a pipe Exercise 7. Introduction 8. Such knowledge is especially valuable in the biochemical, chemical, energy, fermentation, materials, mining, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, polymer, and waste-processing industries.

    The chapter on turbulence now presents valuable CFD techniques to investigate practical situations such as turbulent mixing and recirculating flows. Part II turns to microscopic fluid mechanics. Nearly completely worked practical examples include ten new COMSOL 5 examples: boundary layer flow, non-Newtonian flow, jet flow, lathe flow, lubrication, momentum diffusion, turbulent flow, and others.

    More than end-of-chapter problems of varying complexity are presented, including several from University of Cambridge exams.


    Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers

    The author covers all material needed for the fluid mechanics portion of the professional engineer's exam. Although there is inevitably a significant amount of theoretical development, almost all the material in this book has some application to chemical processing and other important practical situations. Throughout, we shall endeavor to present an understanding of the physical behavior involved; only then is it really possible to comprehend the accompanying theory and equations. Wilkes Nov 15, This chapter is from the book.

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