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Five ways seniors can get the benefits of interacting with pets without the additional responsibility. No one has to convince me of that. Even before I had dogs I had cats.

On a personal note, my wife and I became snowbirds a few years ago and spend half the year in Florida. We want our dogs to be able to frolic on the beach. When four chimpanzees captured a young blue duiker to play with, you might at first believe they wanted to keep it as a pet. They tumbled about with it but in the end it went badly for the antelope.

Their playful behaviour was too rough and ended in its death. The chimpanzees continued to play with the corpse for another 30 minutes. This was a special case. The duiker was not a "pet" in the sense as we know it. Animals do not keep pets; you won't see a chimpanzee taking a dog for a walk or an elephant keeping a tortoise for company.

Is there enough time in your life for a dog?

View image of Want one? We know that, thousands of years ago, our ancestors likely kept some wolves around. They may have captured them young, domesticated them and found that they were useful for hunting. Gradually they became tamer companions and evolved into dogs. This could have been as early as 27, years ago according to a study published in May Ever since, humans have had dogs around, and keeping a pet has become a common part of many cultures.

This may seem strange when you consider that it is a costly business. Pets get meals, healthcare and a home for life. Though they clearly provide companionship, it is time-consuming and care often goes one way minus some exceptions like guard dogs. Many years down the line, your offspring may provide for you.

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  • Psychologists on the March: Science, Practice, and Professional Identity in America, 1929-1969 (Cambridge Studies in the History of Psychology).

Taking care of close relatives now also makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. They share our genes so ensuring they survive helps our genes to continue. The same is not true for the family dog, cat or rat.

First: Make Sure You're Sure

You cannot expect your pet to offer anything material in return. Yet millions of people keep them and consider them an integral part of the family. For several decades there was a prevailing view that they provided health benefits such as increased psychological well-being and could even make people live longer. However, the evidence is contradictory. They make me laugh. They're my family. Stanley Coren, Ph.

Like children, dogs may pick up prejudices from their caretakers. Recent research shows that success in house-training depends upon a dog's size. A total of 34 dogs have flown suborbital or orbital space missions. Back Psychology Today.

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What to do when you need to rehome your pet?

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