Kants Critique of Pure Reason

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Offers new and original readings of the central arguments in both the Transcendental Aesthetic and the Transcendental Analytic. Appraises the success and failure of Kant's project in the Critique. Reviews "Kant's Critique of Pure Reason is the watershed of modern philosophy.

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Anthony Savile's approach to the central argument of this great work is as brilliant as it is concise. It makes Kant truly accessible to the student and general reader while offering much food for thought for the seasoned professional.

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Murray Professor, University of Pennsylvania "Anthony Savile's account of the Aesthetic and Analytic, elegantly written with a light touch, is a valuable addition to the literature on the Critique of Pure Reason. Free Access. Summary PDF Request permissions. PDF Request permissions.

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§1.3 Kant on Two Kinds of Self-Determination

Forgot password? That is, he wants to know what reason alone can determine without the help of the senses or any other faculties. Metaphysicians make grand claims about the nature of reality based on pure reason alone, but these claims often conflict with one another. Kant draws two important distinctions: between a priori and a posteriori knowledge and between analytic and synthetic judgments.

A posteriori knowledge is the particular knowledge we gain from experience, and a priori knowledge is the necessary and universal knowledge we have independent of experience, such as our knowledge of mathematics.

Critique of Pure Reason

Typically, we associate a posteriori knowledge with synthetic judgments and a priori knowledge with analytic judgments. Kant argues that mathematics and the principles of science contain synthetic a priori knowledge.

1 Kant's Project in The Critique of Pure Reason

The fact that we are capable of synthetic a priori knowledge suggests that pure reason is capable of knowing important truths. However, Kant does not follow rationalist metaphysics in asserting that pure reason has the power to grasp the mysteries of the universe.

Instead, he suggests that much of what we consider to be reality is shaped by the perceiving mind. The mind, according to Kant, does not passively receive information provided by the senses. Rather, it actively shapes and makes sense of that information.