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In addition to her horsepower Washington Iron Works diesel engine, the Manning ran two diesel generators for auxiliary power. She was designed with live bait tanks and gear to support deep trolling and longline fishing operations. The boat was outfitted with modern navigational equipment such as Loran, a radio direction finder, a watt radio telephone and telegraph transmitter, and an automatic steering pilot. Her fuel capacity for an 8,mile cruising range was necessary for supporting explorations in the Pacific Ocean where refueling points were scarce.

In cooperation with the U. West Coast tuna fishing industry, she was used for exploratory tuna fishing around Hawaii and beyond into the Philippine Sea and South Pacific.

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Because of the scarcity of live bait in the ocean, the Manning was also experimenting with alternate capture methods. In addition, during these crusies stomach contents were sampled from albacore, yellowfin and big-eyed tuna to determine their diets. By , the boat was traveling between Hawaii and Alaska searching for commercial quantities of Pacific albacore.

The next year she began investigating the occurence and movement of tuna along the West Coast in connection with the Northeastern Pacific Albacore Survey. During rennovations at Seattle in early , considerable areas of dry rot were uncovered in the vessel's hull, requiring the replacement of entire planks and timbers.

Following her repairs, the Manning was used for exploratory scallop fishing in the Gulf of Alaska. Later that year, scientists aboard the Manning tagged king crabs around Kodiak Island. Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your May your hearts soon be filled May the love of friends and As the days and weeks pass, and In loving memory of a wonderful Grief can be so hard, but our Virgin Islands U.

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Posting Guidelines FAQ. Thoughts are with you! She will always be in my memories of Juneau. Paul Snopel, former UAS student. Comfort and peace to the family.

Between Frontiers: In Conversation with Painter Kylie Manning

Tom, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours at this time. Once, he watched a raven hang upside down from a branch like a bat.

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All that figures into how good you are going to be at being a provider. Indeed, only a daring bird would swoop in on carrion and steal meat from a bear or pack of wolves. Males feed females for three weeks during spring while the females are incubating eggs — continuing to hunt for the family until the young birds fledge in early July.

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A good place to see ravens playing is at the edge of tall buildings or at the top of a steep bluff where the wind provides an updraft for soaring. Last week, my 4-year-old son and I stepped from our car to watch four ravens circle and chase each other against the south bluff of Westchester Lagoon. Two carried white sticks or pieces of ice.

Two others gave chase. We watched smiling until the birds flew out of sight, then walked together in silence toward a warm building.

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Our breath hung before us like fog and snow crunched beneath our boots. Elizabeth Manning is an outdoor writer and an educator with the division of Wildlife Conservation. Formerly a journalist with the Anchorage Daily News, she has extensive experience writing about the wilds of Alaska and outdoor recreation.