Murder Under Way: Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #14 (Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries)

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It is not Sir William's first attempt to secure the book. His two previous emissaries vanished without trace.

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What happened to them - and will Ursula suffer the same fate? Father Michael Kavanagh is shocked when he sees a friend from his seminary days at the altar of his humble parish in upper Manhattan--a friend who was forced to leave under scandalous circumstances. Compelled to reconsider the past, Father Kavanagh wanders into the medieval haven of the Cloisters and stumbles into a conversation with a lovely and intriguing docent, Rachel Vedette.

Having survived the Holocaust and escaped to America, Rachel remains obsessed with her late father's greatest scholarly achievement: a study demonstrating the relationship between the famously discredited monk Peter Abelard and Jewish scholars. Feeling an odd connection with Father Kavanagh, Rachel shares with him the work that cost her father his life.

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For Rachel, Abelard is the key to understanding her people's place in history. And for Father Kavanagh, the controversial theologian may be a doorway to understanding the life he himself might have had outside the Church. Father Gabriel Neville has everything going for him as vicar of St Anne's, Kensington Gardens: intellectual prowess, physical beauty, a happy family life and the prospect of promotion to Archdeacon. But his perfect world is shattered when he receives an anonymous letter that has the power to destroy his career and marriage, by threatening to expose something that no one could possibly know.

The only person Gabriel can turn to is David Middleton-Brown, an old friend and a man with a few secrets of his own. Against his better judgement, David comes to London, where his discreet enquiries bring to light a whole host of suspects. There's the eccentric church organist, Miles Taylor; the gossip Mavis Conwell; the disapproving Dawson family; the Churchwarden, Cyril Fitzjames, who's in love with Gabriel's wife Emily; and the charming and talented artist Lucy Kingsley.

In his efforts to help Gabriel uncover the blackmailer, David hauls numerous skeletons out of cupboards, and enters into a web of relationships that threaten to shatter his own peace of mind. But it seems she is not destined for a quiet life just yet. Knowing that women in the clergy are still disapproved of in certain quarters, Callie is prepared to face some criticism.

But the deep-seated hatred shown by some of her respected male colleagues takes her by surprise. Particularly the spiteful attack made by Father Jonah Adimola, a hard-line conservative Nigerian priest. Evil Intent is a gripping crime novel that pitches the reader into a dark world of concealment, power, and deception in the 21st century church. It is , and a young nun from Hawkenlye Abbey has been found with her throat slashed.

The people of rural Kent are quick to jump to conclusions: Surely the murderer must be one of the felons released by the new king, Richard Plantagenet, as a sign of his goodness and charity. When King Richard dispatches a soldier of fortune, Josse d'Acquin, to investigate the shockingly brutal crime, Josse understands that his true mission is to absolve the king from blame.

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But neither the king nor Josse has reckoned with the one person who is determined to find the truth at all costs--the remarkable Abbess of Hawkenlye, who ultimately joins with Josse to uncover the menace lurking behind the orderly facade of life in the convent and the surrounding manors. Fortune Like the Moon not only recreates the violence and beauty of medieval times but introduces a truly wonderful new pair of detectives.

This is no ordinary journey—it is a time of rival popes, a boy king, and a shaky peace in the savage aftermath of Wat Tyler's murder—and Hildegard has embarked on a perilous mission to try to secure the future of her priory. Traveling alone, she discovers danger, encountering first a gibbet with five bloodied corpses and then the body of a youth, brutally butchered. Who was the boy, how was he connected to the men hanging from the gibbet, and what do these gruesome deaths mean?

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Hildegard is determined to uncover the truth, no matter how terrible it may be. When even her childhood home, Castle Hutton, turns out not to be a safe haven from murder, Hildegard realizes she will have to summon all of her courage and wisdom to counter the dark forces that threaten her friends and family as well as her country. A nun is found murdered on the steps of the Quality Couch, Sydney's most expensive house of ill repute. She is Sister Mary Magdalene, an idealistic young woman who previously had worked at a mission in Nicaragua. Detective Inspector Scobie Malone, that most human of cops, picks up the trail when he discovers that her real name was Teresa Hourigan-the illegitimate granddaughter of Fingal Hourigan, one of Australia's most powerful businessmen, who is currently entertaining some rich contras at his palatial home.

The case leads Malone deep into Hourigan's murky past and threatens to expose the secret the old man has kept since the reason he hurriedly left Chicago in fear for his life. It also threatens to destroy his ambitions for his son, Archbishop Kerry Hourigan: to become the first-ever Australian pope.

Murder in Megara: A John the Lord Chamberlain Mystery #11 - Poisoned Pen Press

But Kerry's fanatical anticommunism has already led him to acts that will fatally endanger his standing in the Vatican. The launch of a brand new series by the internationally bestselling, critically acclaimed author of The Coroner's Lunch With worldwide critical acclaim, Colin Cotterill is one of the most highly regarded "cult favorite" crime writers today. Now, with this new series, starting with Killed at the Whim of a Hat, Cotterill is poised to break into the mainstream. Set in present day rural Thailand, Cotterill is as sharp and witty, yet more engaging and charming, than ever before.

Jimm Juree was a crime reporter for the Chiang Mai Daily Mail with a somewhat eccentric family—a mother who might be drifting mentally; a grandfather—a retired cop—who rarely talks; a younger brother obsessed with body-building, and a transgendered, former beauty pageant queen, former older brother.

When Jimm is forced to follow her family to a rural village on the coast of Southern Thailand, she's convinced her career—maybe her life—is over. So when a van containing the skeletal remains of two hippies, one of them wearing a hat, is inexplicably unearthed in a local farmer's field, Jimm is thrilled. Shortly thereafter an abbot at a local Buddhist temple is viciously murdered, with the temple's monk and nun the only suspects. Suddenly Jimm's new life becomes somewhat more promising—and a lot more deadly. And if Jimm is to make the most of this opportunity, and unravel the mysteries that underlie these inexplicable events, it will take luck, perseverance, and the help of her entire family.

Felicity Howard, an American woman studying for the Anglican priesthood in Yorkshire, England, finds the tranquility of the monastery shattered when her mentor, Father Dominic, is found murdered and her church history lecturer, Father Antony, is wanted for questioning by the police.

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From the storytelling mind of bestselling mystery and romance author Barbara Cummings comes Sister Mary Agnes - an unforgettable and unlikely heroine. She's a nun lacking in nun-ship, a horrible cook, a worse seamstress, but a crack shot.

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She talks to God, and He answers her. She's years behind in her promises to Him. She's not the favorite nun of her Reverend Mother, and expects any minute to be packed off to the coldest spot in Rhode Island, where - in the winter months - hell has literally frozen over. To add to her woes, she stumbles on a corpse in the cold cellar, and wrestles another murder victim out of the tub in which she was drowned. When it looks as if her childhood friend will be convicted of the crimes he vehemently denies any part of, she defies her superior and gathers together a rip-roaring roster of mismatched amateur sleuths - including her best friend Sister Mary Winifred, a mob boss, his driver, a monsignor, and Agnes' cop cousin.

And if that isn't enough - to turn St. Catherine's on its ear, and help her discover the truth, Sister Agnes can always count on her nice little pearl-handled pistol Barbara Cummings is an award-winning author of thirteen novels comedy, mystery, romance, and young adult , three short stories, and seven poems. She currently teaches English at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and lives nearby with her husband of forty-five years. The new compelling mystery featuring Anglophile Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired policeman Alan Nesbitt.

The very day that the short list is announced publicly, one of the candidates is found murdered in his own church. With a long list of possible suspects, including Alan himself, Dorothy and Alan start to delve into the history of the victim, hoping to find some clue to a motive for murder. Then a second candidate is found dead, and the case becomes very complicated indeed. When visiting Ballymorris in Ireland for a funeral, a down-on-his-luck American reporter learns of a story that happened only months after his last visit many years before. A group of four teenagers, three of whom are family friends, claimed to have been visited by the Virgin Mary.

Almost twenty years later, one of them denies it ever happened, another has left the small town, never to be heard from again, another has become a nun, and the fourth has been locked away in a psychiatric ward for many years. At the time, news of the visitation brought much wealth and tourism to this dreary Irish town, but as the years went by, and after the Pope refused to officially recognize it as a true Marian Apparition, what had been seen as a miracle began to feel like a curse, and this reporter believes there is more to the story than the townspeople are letting on.

As he seeks out each of the four stories, each begins to take a different and sinister turn. Surrounded by secrecy and confusion, the journalist must decide how much of what he's uncovering is the truth, how much of it is lies, and much he can trust the four witnesses-one of whom he's become infatuated with-or for that matter, himself. Immaculate Heart is a novel where nothing is certain and everything should be questioned.

Camille DeAngelis will leave you guessing what is real and what is only just a vision. Ten years after fleeing her troubled family to become a nun in India, Ria Lugo returns to Los Angeles in to fulfill a deathbed promise to her mother to protect her domineering father, eccentric patriarch Don Maximiato Lugo, who has been accused of killing a local prostitute, but her search for the truth is complicated by unknown perils and by her father's increasingly erratic behavior.

Monty Collins is a sharp-tongued public defender who just wants to represent an upstanding character for a change. A priest with something to hide isn't quite what he had hoped for, but when the literate, arrogant, and tight-lipped Father Brennan Burke is implicated in the strange murder of a young woman, Monty doesn't just take the case—the case takes him.

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When Burke won't come clean, Monty is forced to play private detective, traveling into his client's past. Things look good for the case until another body is found, marked with the same telltale sign as the first. Burke keeps mum, alternate suspects are ruled out, and the trial looks like it might be lost before deliberation. As if it couldn't get any worse, Monty's wisecracking ex-wife enters the picture, and she seems to know more about Burke than Monty does. Evidence and coincidence pile up, leading to a revelation neither Monty nor the reader see coming.

A Little Mayhem. The nuns' order is an enclosed, contemplative one, and access to their house and grounds, with its surrounding 8-foot-high walls, far from simple.

But Rafferty, unlike his Sergeant, Dafyd Llewellyn, who isn't prejudiced by a rigid Catholic schooling, finds it easy as sin to believe that this is an inside job, and that the religious are as capable of murder as other frail mortals. As if to punish him for his blasphemy, the spiteful fates take the opportunity to add some mischief sure to cause Rafferty palpitations. Turns out the determinedly soul-saving, uber-hypocritical, 'greatest sinner in the parish', is the nuns' confessor.

As if all that's not enough for Detective Rafferty to cope with, he is also beset by personal problems of a blackmailing nature, stemming from one of his previous investigations that has come back to haunt him… Rafferty has to dig deep into the past and the mores of an earlier generation to find the killer, and into his own recent past to identify his blackmailer. If only the latter didn't involve considering his sins, which was too akin to the youthful Rafferty's experiences in the Confessional Box for comfort.

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