Regulated Streams: Advances in Ecology

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Red (Eared Slider), White (Spotted Slimy Salamander), and Blue (Racer)

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(PDF) Ecology of regulated streams in Spain: an overview | Diego Garcia de Jalon -

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A Study in Stream Ecology

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The Hydrologic Basis of “Streams as Corridors”

Ecological thresholds: the key to successful environmental management or an important concept with no practical application? Ecosystems Vieira, N. A database of lotic invertebrate traits for North America: U. Variability and convergence in benthic communities along the longitudinal gradients of four physically similar Rocky Mountain streams. Freshwater Biology 50 2 : Angermeier, B. Bledsoe, G. Kondolf, L.

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Wetland mitigation resources

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Ecosystem services and agriculture: tradeoffs and synergies

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