The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature (Two Volume Set): Volume 2

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The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature is an excellent contribution to the field of religion nature.

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It covers the quirky and the serious, presents movements, ideas, scholars and activities from virtually every continent and many culture, and, in many cases, brings history forward to meet the ecological crisis The Encyclopedia is an extremely helpful took for beginners as it is quite accessible to undergraduates and the generally educated. With its specialized topics, broad scope, bibliographies on many topics, and special features it is useful for more advanced scholars as well. It tackles the tough questions: will the emergent "greening" of religion, and our efforts to leave ever lighter ecological footprints in our daily lives, spread rapidly enough around the globe to halt our heedless destruction of nature and heal some of the scars we have inflicted, before it is too late?

Many of the contributions reflect my conviction that there is, indeed, reason for hope.

The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature is a scholarly and critical resource for anyone who cares about the future of planet Earth, and wonders how we might more effectively work together to save our beautiful world for future generations. Comprising two very large volumes, 1.

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In it you will find nearly one thousand detailed, scholarly, and surprisingly well written essays on everything from 'Abbey, Edward' one of America's premier fiction and nonfiction radical environment writers to 'Zulu Culture. Quite impressive in scope-1, entries by over authorities, both scholars and activists-it is especially commendable for bridging religious conviction to environmental ethics, science, and policy, across local, regional, and global levels.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature

The impressive range of articles clearly reminds us of the importance of collaborative scholarship. We are indebted to Taylor and Kaplan for their remarkable achievement in overseeing this work. Taylor has established a website in conjunction with this project, www. We may hope that these resources will draw more social scientists into the field of religion and nature. Short of that, the encyclopaedia could by itself do much to extend their understanding of what religion and spirituality may be thought to be - yet another reason to keep these remarkable volumes close at hand.

The ERN is intended to assess, analyse, characterise, and promote the major debates, events, figures, groups, theories, and traditions, concerned with religion and nature, enlightening the wider academic public to them, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and promoting further research In this it succeeds.

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It is an intensive academic work, diverse and deep. Yet it is also eminently readable and very enlightening. Each article may stand on its own as a valuable essay, but taken together, the articles provide a comprehensive examination and introduction to the themes that will stand for years to come It will make an outstanding and valuable tool for anyone interested or working in anthropology, philosophy or sociology of religion, religious or environmental studies.

I thoroughly recommend it. Student essays ought to be greatly improved not only by the wealth of data provided, but also by the different examples set in "how to write academically".

Edited by Bron Taylor

More advanced scholarship will find not only a ready reference on myriad topics but also provocation of new thoughts, arguments and research. This is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in Christian environmental stewardship, which it covers in the most detail I have ever seen, and in a global context.

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It provides similar rich The study of religion and the environment has been variously referred to as ecotheology, cultural ecology, ecological anthropology, or religious environmentalism. Call it what you will, this Since his appointment as the Samuel S. Hill Ethics Professor at the University of Florida in , he has helped develop the world's first graduate program focusing on Religion and Nature.