The heretic: The life and times of Josip Broz-Tito

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The heretic : the life and times of Josip Broz-Tito (Book, ) []

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    Published since by the Academy of Political Science. Login Subscribe Search. Advanced Options. Foreign Policy U. Content in Volume 73 - Number 3 - September A third focal point of his life and career was Scotland: he was a proud member of Clan Maclean and wrote several works on Scottish history, biography, and folklore.

    The papers are arranged in three main series with various sub-series.

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    Items of particular interest in the First Series, Career and Personal Papers, are described in the following paragraphs devoted to each subseries. In the Diplomatic Subseries are dispatches and memoranda of his trips through Central Asia including Afghanistan and the ancient cities Bokhara and Samarkand and the Caucasus, on the situation in Sinkiang Chinese Turkestan and on the political stability of the Soviet Union, The subseries British Military Mission to Yugoslavia contains Winston Churchill's Minute concerning his Mission to Tito, Autograph Diary 2 pages re his arrival in Yugoslavia, "Ratweek" Map oversize , twelve files labeled Top Secret including memoranda, correspondence, telegrams, etc concerning military and political affairs such as Allied operations and aid to Tito's Partisans, formation of the Yugoslav government, relief, the visit of Field Marshal Alexander, Supreme Allied Commander to Belgrade, Macedonia, Prospect of South Slav federation, and correspondence with Evelyn Waugh.

    The Special Refugee Commission subseries contains correspondence, telegrams, reports, including one submitted to Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, articles, and a draft of a speech on the refugee problems to a parliamentary committee. The Yugoslavia and Tito Subseries contains significant material including memoranda of meetings with Tito in ,, , , ; informative accounts by Maclean and other British officers about the Military Mission in World War II for an official book published by Muzej AVNOJ ; correspondence about Maclean's involvement in proposals for the publication of Tito's memoirs and about the nomination of Tito for the Nobel Peace Prize ; correspondence and papers by Maclean and others from a conference on British Policy and Resistance in the Balkans ; Briefing papers, correspondence and memoranda of Margaret Thatcher's visit to Yugoslavia in , and correspondence and memorabilia pertaining to the Prince of Wales' visit in ; correspondence about Maclean's visit in and transcript of an interview with Prime Minister Ante Markovic.

    It should also be noted that in Series II, Subseries B, Literary Material pertaining to Yugoslavia, there is some correspondence filed with the manuscripts, typescripts, articles and radio and television transcripts. In a significant group of letters to his parents from London, Cairo, Belgrade, and elsewhere, Maclean discussed the international situation, his desire to leave the Foreign Office in order to join the army, life in London during the Blitz, the beginning of his political career, and his military service some letters were extensively cut by the censors.

    There are also a number of letters to his parents from the years from Maclean and his wife Veronica discussing family matters and living conditions in Italy and Austria while Maclean was directing the Special Refugee Commission, and about their travels in Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey in the early 's.

    Also present is correspondence with Frank McLynn, his biographer, , and two scrapbooks. The blue scrapbook includes one letter of Maclean to his aunt, newspaper clippings relating to his military service in Yugoslavia, his marriage, some articles by him, a few photographs.

    Josip Broz Tito

    The red scrapbook, also has newspaper clippings about his military service and political career and articles by him. The Second Series consists of literary papers. This series contains drafts, typescripts, setting copies of his books with related correspondence with publishers and others about the publication process, contracts, royalty statements, book reviews, fan mail, articles, book reviews, speeches, lectures, transcripts of radio and television programs, film proposals or treatments.

    Several of his books were published under different titles in the United States. It is organized into five subseries based on subject matter. These include: Eastern Approaches American title- Escape to Adventure ; Yugoslavia the country as originally constituted and also the new states that emerged in the 's ; Russia and the former Soviet Union and the new nations post ; Scotland; and Miscellaneous Literary. The subseries about Eastern Approaches contains a typed manuscript Setting copy with corrections, including an unpublished introduction; some material omitted from the published version including his admiration for a Soviet army unit, comments on the Cetniks, and conversations with King George VI and Winston Churchill and King Peter of Yugoslavia; letters from Michael Adeane, Secretary to King George VI and Winston Churchill requesting that certain passages be omitted; a letter from Peter Fleming to Jonathan Cape offering his opinion of the book, a letter from Ian Fleming to Jonathan Cape and a note to Maclean.

    Other material includes correspondence with Jonathan Cape and other publishers about a new edition, correspondence with Douglas Fairbanks, Eric Ambler and others concerning a possible film version, and with Ian Curteis about a proposed television adaptation. The Yugoslavia Subseries includes books: Disputed Barricade , published in America as The Heretic , which includes an interview with Tito; Yugoslavia , in which Maclean wrote the text for this book of photographs; Battle of Neretva ; and Tito: A Pictorial Biography Also present are articles from newspapers and magazines, , on Yugoslav politics and society, including interviews with Tito.

    Particularly interesting are two unpublished articles "Whither Yugoslavia? In addition, the subseries on Yugoslavia contains lectures, ; transcripts of radio and television programs, with related correspondence; and some interviews with Tito, notably The "Life and Times of Marshal Tito" December ; and one for a CBS news program The Russian Material Subseries contains drafts, correspondence, and research material for his books A Person from England , including several autograph letters,, of Dr.

    In addition to his books about Russia and the Soviet Union, his papers also contain articles, on political, social, economic, cultural aspects of the former Soviet Union, a number on Georgia and the Caucasus, and Mikhail Gorbachev; book reviews, ; and radio and television material, such as correspondence and transcripts for programs, including "The End of All the Earth" and "Carnival in the Caucasus"; interviews with Anna Mikhailovna Larina Bukharin's widow and others for the BBC "Timewatch" program "Bukharin.

    Material for the book and television series are combined since Maclean was working on them simultaneously. Among the articles on Scotland is a notable series "Scottish Approaches" which appeared in The Scotsman in The last subseries in Maclean's Literary Papers consists of miscellaneous literary material, including material for the book Take Nine Spies.

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    There is also correspondence with publishers in which he discusses more than one book, and with his literary agents. There are also articles about his military, diplomatic, political and literary career, his travels, and personal life, and note that others are contained in two scrapbooks. The radio and television material includes his commentaries on the international scene from on. Photographic Material comprises the third series, which contains twenty-four boxes of photographs some in albums , contact sheets, negatives, and slides, taken by Maclean, primarily of his travels in the former Soviet Union, Europe and Asia, from through the 's.

    Maclean visited the former Soviet Union frequently from the late 's through and took numerous photographs of his favorite regions, Central Asia and the Caucasus, particularly Georgia. As for Yugoslavia, there is an album dated labeled Namanevru Jugoslovenska Narodne, Armije Yugoslav People's Army with photographs of Tito, Maclean, and soldiers; and photographs from the early 's through including a number of photographs of Tito.

    Individuals subjects include Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. There are also many family photographs taken at Maclean's homes Beechfield and Strachur, and of friends. Lemnitzer, Chairman of U. Articles 41 U. Articles--Stalin's Death 41 U.

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    Articles--"Eastern Re-Approaches" 41 U. Articles--"Georgia Revisited" Sep 41 U. Articles--"Kosygin" 41 U. Articles 41 re the Caucasus Region U. Articles--"Forward" to Guide to Moscow 41 U. Articles 42 U. Articles "The Soviet Disunion" 42 U.

    Articles 42 re Mikhail Gorbachev U. Articles 43 re Azerbaijan U. Articles , n.