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An interview with Amaterasu sends Minerva into a rage for leaving her to die but as she is venting, the windows behind her suddenly smash and she is dragged out by a humanoid shape made of darkness, which Baal believes is the Great Darkness Ananke talked about. As Baal battles the Great Darkness, Persephone calls on Amaterasu who teleports her to Baal's family home where the Darkness is also attacking. Persephone's powers have no impact on the Darkness and seem to feed it; but the others manage to stop it.

The next day, Baal summons all of the Pantheon to Valhalla to discuss the Darkness. He reveals that Ananke told him about the Darkness when he first became Baal and that Amaterasu also knew because she was also a sky god. The Pantheon decide to vote on what to do: fight the Darkness head on, study the problem or leave it alone to anarchy.

Triple Threat (Three Kinds of Wicked, #5) by Mia Varano

Persephone leaves before she can drag Baal down with her and purposely crashes her motorcycle before heading to a gig. At The Shard, Minerva rips the last months of the year off her calendar and marks her death date along will Baal's. In the toilet she is once again attacked by the Great Darkness which Baal saves her from. He then mysteriously teleports away, returns and marks May the 1st on Minerva's calendar as the day the Great Darkness arrives. From January to February the various members of the Pantheon go about their lives: Persephone enjoys time with Sakhmet while occasionally sleeping with Nergal, who has created a holographic version of her family to get closure.

In the end it works but she still finds it pointless. The other Norns, Verdandi and Skuld, ask David if they will die with the other official Gods that were transformed by Ananke, but he has no answer. David explains his child, Jon, is at a boarding school and he isn't in contact anymore. At Amaterasu's temple for her religion, Dio is hosting a party with some of the Gods in attendance. Nergal shows up at the party but runs away when he sees Persephone, who he's been ignoring. Dio goes after him which abruptly ends the party, but Sakhmet, Amaterasu and the partygoers remain for an orgy.

Sakhmet flies into a rage and Amaterasu escapes, while Sakhmet kills everyone at the orgy. In a flashback to six months ago, as Ananke writes a suicide note and prepared to kill Minerva, her suicide note vanishes in a flash of magic.

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Persephone wakes up after sleeping with a person dressed up as Lucifer, who tells her about Sakhmet's massacre. She is interviewed by the police then met by Amaterasu later, who takes her to see Baal. Baal and Mini are working on her fighting skills at Valhalla when the pair arrive. Persephone goes on an all-night bender where everyone offers their sympathy.

Returning home with a man, she hears voices from her home, where she finds Sakhmet waiting for her. They track down a Sakhmet sighting but are disappointed to find it is only a fan dressed as her. At the end, Dio gives Nergal a phone to contact them on if he needs help. Sakhmet is still hiding out at Persephone's and the pair kiss. Sakhmet leaves Persephone's and goes to the museum. Persephone calls Baal and tells him where she has gone, the British Museum.

At Valhalla, Dio is visibly struggling and is still set to perform at Valhalla because he can't stand to let people down. Dio activates his Hivemind to the visiting audience which envelops everyone. Amaterasu volunteers to talk to Sakhmet and try to get her to calm down and turn herself in. While initially compliant, Sakhmet turns on Amaterasu after Ammy says they are family and slashes her throat, killing her before leaving. Dio manages to recover from fainting and moves to stop Woden.

Sakhmet returns to Persephone's after killing Amaterasu but Baal arrives to capture her.

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The two of them fight and Persephone is dragged into it, but she can't bring herself to stop Sakhmet. As Sakhmet is just about to kill Persephone, Minerva arrives and kills Sakhmet. The two get into an argument which ends in them finding a secret door in Valhalla. The secret room is actually a prison for the second masked figure and true god Mimir ; Jon Blake. Mimir tells them the machines does nothing; after his head is accidentally pulled off. Meanwhile, Minerva laments the unsuitable half-head of Sakhmet, needing a proper fourth to ward off the Great Darkness as she is Ananke; revealed to have the still living heads of Lucifer, Inanna and Tara.

Around six-thousand years ago an old woman sends her grandson away, as her sister Ananke arrives to kill her.

Ananke is carrying a sack of heads. Though Ananke has corrupted what was done to extend her life forever the sisters make rules for how this must be done: Ananke is maiden and crone while the sister is mother; there must be 12 gods who must die at the end else they be consumed by godhood; Ananke chooses which gods will take the children and will need four heads each time; though the sister's god must always be called as the last each cycle. Ananke kills her sister as the sister warns it will end badly for Ananke once the children catch on. In the present, Persephone tells the reader she has a secret while wanting others to call her Laura again.

They consider Ananke may have done something to Minerva. Verdandi and Skuld find themselves human again and discover the cage. In , Minerva shields herself from the suicide pact and then takes Susanoo's head as the 4th to complete the ritual with a Persephone, The Morrigan and Set. Ananke expresses reluctance to die even though Minerva says they are the same and live on through her, killing Ananke and completing the ritual. Once Minerva tells Baal that Persephone has found a room, he teleports there in a panic.

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Baal displays powers of fire, as he reminds Laura he always said everyone else should be afraid of him. Every Pantheon throughout history is shown at this moment. The majority of the Persephones are killed, some are embraced, a few escape or fight back, and a couple even manage to kill Ananke. Even fewer appear to be male Persephones.

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Two appear to be killed by Minerva. In the present, Baal explains that Ananke told him he must kill a child every four months to stave off the Great Darkness; else it will kill the world, starting with those closest to him.

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He refused to kill kids but then his father was killed. He's killed five children, including the day he teleported away from Minerva. He despises it but sees it as necessity. He lets Persephone live after she tells him her secret that she's three months pregnant; with no idea who the father is Baal or Nergal.

In Egypt, during B. Waking up ninety years later on a beach in Crete, the next Minerva swears to never do that again. As shown earlier, the Persephone of Crete would be killed by Minerva rather than an Ananke. The Valkyries then recaptured The Norns.

In the underground, Laura meets with Nergal but cannot tell him about the pregnancy nor Baal's secret.

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He breaks up with her, causing Badb to attack him. Nergal gets the upper hand but cannot kill her; so Badb kills him, immediately regretting it. Minerva appears in a field in July , calling Ananke to come pick her up and pay off a couple to pose as her parents. Ananke's attack on Minerva was all a ruse so Minerva could carry on the work after Ananke fell. The machine truly does nothing and Ananke's suicide note was for Minerva. In the present, Nergal takes The Morrigan's body to where they live in The Underground preparing to memorialize her.

Laura tells him she is pregnant. He says he will support her but to never do what he did in life. This makes Laura realize something. Woden has The Norns divine where the heads are, finding them with their mouths sewn shut, and is convinced not to touch them by Minerva.

Talking with Baal, Minerva is horrified to hear Persephone is pregnant. Laura decides to give up and leaves. He also has a gun set to stun to capture Persephone, but Minerva sets it to lethal. He sends Beth, Robin and Toni in power suits to capture her. The sister's fourth rule is revealed to be that if her god ever has a child: the cycle will break and the Great Darkness takes Ananke forever. When confronted by the trio, Laura reveals she is not a god anymore, and also had an abortion.

Beth is disgusted Laura gave up her powers, and lets her go to live with the shame. A final flashback shows the sister tell her grandson that the fourth rule will be a lie to fool Ananke, and they must have faith one of the children will find the real way out. Laura goes home, determined without godhood to decide who and what she is for herself; revealed to still summon fire with a snap of her fingers.

Recorded footage of the 02 disaster of May 1st, Fan of Persephone, Tom, and his friend Nathan record themselves getting ready for Baal's final gig at the 02 arena, holding 20, people. Using technology to mimic Dioynsus' powers to control the crowd and lure out The Great Darkness, Baal believes he can destroy it by sacrificing the crowd. Though there won't be any children at the gig he still feels very guilty and his unknowing mother encourages him to go through with it; Baal has included her in the crowd.